Village Tree Trivia

Tree in meadow

Do you know that more than 50 trees have been planted in the village in the last 8 years? This is contrary to the belief of some. While some of the trees were purchased by the village, many were donated by the generous citizens of the Village and the Mishicot area. All tree placement was coordinated by the Village’s Public Works employees and planted on public village properties as shown:

  • Cemetery – 16
  • Vet’s Club – 10
  • Washington Street Pumphouse – 2
  • Upper Park:
  • Pull Track – 5
  • Skateboard Park – 5
  • Mishicot Brewery Right of Way – 1
  • Wooden Wonderland – 3
  • Riverwalk – 13

There have also been many others planted longer than eight years ago. 

Download a printable version of this information. 

Animated line of trees