Remembering the Saxonburg Cheese Factory
(Published in the Spring/Summer 2008 MAGIC Newsletter)

The Saxonburg Cheese Factory stands as a reminder of the many such factories that were located in the Mishicot area in the early part of this century. The building still stands just east of Mishicot. A short drive to the top of Saxonburg Hill will give you the opportunity to see what an old-time cheese factory looks like from the outside. At the top of the hill, look to the right and you will see the white building with the cupola on top. The factory was started by Charles Mueller some time between 1890 and 1900. It was also owned by August Febarrmann and William Stoneman, but in 1907 it was sold to 18 farmers and then became the Saxonburg Co-Op Dairy. Total selling price at that time for the house, factory and machinery was $3,600. In the early years, mostly butter as made, which sold for 26 cents per pound in 1910. At that time, cheese sold for only 14 cent per pound. The last names of the cheesemakers, who supervised the cheesemaking were Glover, Princl, Sensing, Beeck, Princl (a second time) Hiddie, Zermuehlen, Preator and Denor. In 1961 the co-op merged with the Lake to Lake Dairy.

This is an excerpt from an article which first appeared in the August, 1988 edition of the MAGIC Newsletter. Information was collected by Dora Kadow in an interview with Paul Mueller.

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